Hugo – High flier

The trendy drink with Prosecco made its way into German glasses from northern Italy and South Tyrol and has become an absolute high flier in bars, restaurants and shops all across the nation: We are talking about HUGO, the fresh mix of elderflower syrup, soda water, aromatic mint and elegantly sparkling Prosecco.

Hugo – High flier

Dolce vita in a glass
The trend drink has become a staple in German bars and cafés since 2012. It is either mixed fresh or enjoyed as a ready-made mix, always on ice and with fresh mint. The original HUGO taste was interpreted authentically as a ready-to-serve version primarily by SCAVI & RAY and successfully introduced on the German market as a premix. Its many fans even see HUGO as the “new Aperol Spritz” and with its refreshingly light and attractive ingredients it may soon overtake this legendary Prosecco cocktail.

Served in style
Prosecco forms the lightly sparkling basis of the low-alcohol cocktail and aperitif drink. It is classified as a “spritzer cocktail” and features other attractive flavour components from mint, lime and elderflower. This is a sample recipe for creating the cocktail from scratch:

15 cl Prosecco Spumante (or Frizzante)
2 cl elderflower syrup or elderflower liqueur
a dash of soda water
fresh mint leaves

The mixture is served on ice in a white wine glass and is a perfect accompaniment to light food. With its fresh and light character, Hugo can even be enjoyed throughout the entire evening. The trend drink is available as a premix for easy enjoyment at home. Its summer fresh flavour primarily stands for one thing: Dolce vita in a glass!